College uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education in addition to the traditional classroom education to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of education.

ICT Tools:

1. Projectors- LCD Projectors are available in classrooms/labs

 2. Desktop and Laptops- Arranged at Computer Lab and Faculty cabins

 3. Printers- They are installed at Labs, HOD Cabins and all prominent places.

4. Multifunction Printer and Scanners- Multifunction printers are available at prominent places.

Use of ICT By Faculty

A. PowerPoint presentations- Faculties are encouraged to use power-point presentations in their teaching by using LCD’s and projectors. They are using online search engines and websites to prepare effective presentations.

B. Online quiz- Faculties prepare online quiz for students after the completion of each unit with the help of GOOGLE FORMS.

C. Video Conferencing- Students are counseled with the help of Zoom / Google meet applications.

D. Video lecture- Recording of video lectures is made available to students for long term learning and future referencing.

E. Google Classrooms: Teachers started using virtual classrooms during COVID 19 pandemic and continued till date

F. Webinars- Teachers use various ICT tools for conducting workshops on latest methods such as SPSS, Programming languages, simulations etc.